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Who we are

We are an independent Australian company established in 2017 to support the stewardship of next generation defence and aerospace capability

Our enduring vision is to set the benchmark for Australian defence industry performance and behaviour 

Our mission is to deliver research & analysis, learning systems, and advisory services which enhance the management of defence capability and prepare for new threats and new risks

We specialise in the integration of multi-domain missions and the sovereign requirements of Air Combat and ISR systems

We work to ensure the Australian Defence Force has an advantage

Human Advantage

Decision Advantage

Mission Advantage


Capability Development

We are a company focussed on solutions which support the design and development of the enterprise architecture and apparatus of Defence

Systems Assessment

We provide decision-making support as a service and integrate people, policy, technology and process change within resilient execution frameworks and complex battlespace simulations

Training & Performance

Our mission focus areas are air combat, counter command, intelligence, ISR, human performance, and decision-making


Mission advantage starts
with a human advantage

Human Advantage

We designed our human factors training program to focus on the impact of next generation technologies on operational decision-making and human performance

Information Advantage

We deliver research, analysis, learning and advisory services based upon systems thinking to enable the development of multi-domain Air Combat and ISR capability

Decision Advantage

We develop creative enterprise strategy-to-task methodologies supporting decision makers in missions, projects, programs and domains

Mission Advantage

Our qualified and experienced analysts have a proven track record creating ideas in preparedness, joint and multi-national operations, and the business of defence